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2-5 year payback period

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When it comes to an EV, it is very important to invest wisely by choosing the right product. The sad reality about lithium-Ion batteries is that they age with time, independent of whether you use them or not.

This means having a large or oversized battery pack is not necessarily the best practice, as it’s heavier and more expensive.

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Typically, the first 10 years of a battery pack’s life is the best period to cycle it as much as possible. At Teal, we help you to customize the smallest pack suitable for your application to ensure it’s being cycled as much as possible, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. To remove range anxiety, we provide you with a range extender, making sure your work is done no matter what the day brings. With Teal’s drive system, you ensure the safety of the operator under any climatic conditions, while benefiting from a combined efficiency equivalent to buying diesel at 20 cents per liter.

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With the extra maintenance savings going electric, it’s as if your Diesel is free.

Our customers that can fast charge in the middle of the day can expect a payback period (pbp) in as little as 2 years, while our clients who limit themselves to an overnight charge should expect a 3 to 5 years pbp.

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We’re a no brainer choice for last mile delivery fleet operators, municipalities and urban applications driving less than 300km per day. Look at Economy & Pricing to see what type of vehicle and range best suits your application. Contact Us to see how we can customize the best solution for you.

Designed for Harsh Climates

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, we truly know what cold climate means and what it takes to operate in winters. At Teal Electrification Systems, we have designed an innovative insulated battery pack that allows us to regulate the pack temperature under the harshest outdoor conditions; from -40°C February mornings, to +40°C July afternoons.

World Class Components

We are using the best of the best components from the Japanese automotive industry to power up your application. 5 years/300,000 km or 3 years/unlimited mileage warranty is standard with all components from Teal, including the battery pack and drive system.

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