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Teal EV
Onboard Range Extender Dual Pressure Electro Hydraulic Power Steering All-Weather Battery Thermal Management System Versatile Electric Drive System

Onboard Range Extender

We are offering range extender solutions (Onboard Gasoline Generator) that provides 100% of the heat to warmup the cabin and battery pack. While it runs for heat generation, it also co-generates roughly 15% of energy to the electric drive. Having a range extender onboard helps eliminate range anxiety and helps ensure driver safety under harsh conditions. It also allows for a smaller battery pack that increases payload and reduces the cost of ownership.

Dual Pressure Electro Hydraulic Power Steering

A Dual Pressure HV PMSM driven EHPS provides a great solution for a wide range of commercial EVs. The system energizes your power steering and higher pressure hydraulics in a compact package.

All-Weather Battery Thermal Management System

Inadequate thermal management systems for EV batteries have been compromising the longevity, performance and reliability of the most critical component of every EV. Our insulated pack design makes the battery packs dependable down to -40°C and is serviceable down to the cell level.

Versatile Electric Drive System

Versatile and modern electric drive unit design can be customized for AWD Midship, FF, FR, and RMR layouts.

Due to the low energy density and the high cost of current lithium technologies, having a practical and economical commercial vehicle for our cold Canadian climates is simply impossible. A range extender provides a peace of mind, and is a fantastic stepping stone toward carbon neutrality. It is offered as an option from 55kW and up to provide the driver with safety and enough energy, no matter what the work day brings.

Commercial vehicles have different hydraulic requirements. Our solution provides a versatile, highly efficient, and robust power unit that provides enough flow and pressure for a wide variety of applications: from power steering to a dump body on a class 7 truck!

Current EV offerings are mostly focused on warm or mild climates where battery thermal management systems are designed around water-cooled solutions.

At Teal, we are focused on cold climates commonly found in the northern USA and Canada, where an insulated battery pack design with improved heating and cooling system is required to ensure reliability and efficiency of the Energy Storage System (ESS) in ultra harsh climates down to -40°C.

At Teal we believe in “designing for serviceability”. This allows us to back our products with more competitive warranties and help our clients get the most out of their investment. We are using large cells in an innovative way to simplify the ESS design and allow for serviceability down to the cell level.

When it comes to Commercial EVs, gradeability under full payload becomes a challenge. A number of OEM suppliers provide a two-speed transmission to address the issue. At Teal we have a modular approach for our powertrain design, where multiple motors can work together to provide the required torque without the need for a multi speed transmission. This will improve the overall system reliability, reduces the overall weight and improves the performance and efficiency. Each of our motors provide 200kW peak and 120kW continuous with 350Nm low end torque. The system is then sized and tuned based on the weight rating and the type of application. This modular approach reduces our manufacturing cost, a savings we pass to our customers. Our unique approach also enables us to provide solutions for the most popular layouts, from a simple FF to a more complex AWD.

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